Sometimes Bad Happens

by adult mom

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released July 22, 2014

Songs by Steph
Jen, KT, Jack are the band
Engineered, mixed & mastered by Mike Dvorscak

Miscreant Records 2014
MCT 011


all rights reserved



adult mom Purchase, New York

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Track Name: I Think I'm Old Enough
i know that you'll always be there for me, just like the theme song said on national t.v. will we all live together when we grow up? i guess we're already old enough

cuz it's weird when your parents start actin' like your pals, and it's weird when your dad is asking for your help
Track Name: Ode To One Night Stands
i can say that love is dead
i can pretend you're out of my head
i'll close my eyes and i'l see white

cuz i got fucked last night
and i think that it's about time
i get back what is fucking mine

i can say that love is dead
i can pretend you're out of my head
i'll close my eyes and i'l see white

cuz i got time to lie
and for sex that's trite
i'll take back what is fucking mine
and you won't get a single dime

i can't say that love is right
and maybe i'm just better drenched in wine
i don't think i wasted my time
but i don't know why i tried
Track Name: Paws
my little paws are dirty from digging through shit you poured on me
my little paws are dirty but the shit's comin' off real easy
i know i'm a puppy and digging is an honorable hobby
but 24 months is a long time to sift through shit to try + find
the tennis ball that you once threw
cuz my nose is weak and my paws are bruised
Track Name: Route '59
i was in your hometown today
i know its not much since mine's 10 minutes away
but i scoped for your car in the parking lot of the diner

me and meg smoked red's by the pond
talked about all the boys that did us wrong
you did not fit into that small box
no i can't really seem to brush you off

and i scoped for your call in the passenger seat of meg's car

i was in your hometown today
Track Name: I Make Boys Cry
i make boys cry in parking lots outside of restaurants
but boys make me cry too when they tell me
"i love you! i love you! i love you!'

how many times will i be the one to enlighten and never get anything?

i make boys cry because they don't understand that i am a person
yeah i get sad too but i don't take it out on you

it's shit that your love for me scared you so much

but "i love you! i love you! i love you!" is not enough
Track Name: Theme Song
i am everyone's mom
holding hands and cradling along
but mom's wouldn't sit in their room
all day and wait for something to happen

hey ma, get off your butt and get a part time job
mom's wouldn't hide from their kids all day and scribble in a song about doing so

i am everyone's mom because i like the ring of it
but if i was really your mom you'd be at cps by now

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