by adult mom

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this was recorded on garageband with an internal mic in my bedroom, my dorm, and my friend's dorm

i'd like to thank my friends as well as the 5 boys who inspired 4/5 of these songs


released March 26, 2013



all rights reserved


adult mom Purchase, New York

for booking and if you wanna say hey! email

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Track Name: window, wall (i'm 13 and i just got rejected)
i wanted to dance with you
to lil jon's "window, wall"
i wanted to grind up on you
before we graduated middle school
but unfortunately you refused
Track Name: sloppy joes
if you packed my lunch
would you put in apple slices
would you hang out with me
by the rainbow slide at recess

if the bullies stomped on my sandwich
would you buy me a sloppy joe
would you help me if durin' craft time
my hands were covered in glue

i feel like i'm in elementary school
when i'm with you
Track Name: paws
my little paws are dirty
from diggin' through shit you poured on me
my little paws are dirty
but the shits comin' off real easy

i know that i'm i'm a puppy
and diggin' is an honorable hobby
but 24 months is a long time
to sift through shit to try and find
the tennis ball that you once threw
cuz my nose i sweak
+ my paws are bruised
Track Name: kiss/love/flat
my first crush happened when i was 5
so i gave him a glittered valentine
he laughed and proved why a crush is a crush
i cried all the way home on the bus

my first kiss happened at the top of the stairs
near the lockers and the science layer
he pulled me in with such a rush
i'm going to miss my bus

my first love fell pretty flat
after some time i didn't want to deal with that
it became more of an obligation and a fuss
like how i almost my bus
Track Name: to my friends
i feel good in this room with you (and you)
and i feel confided that this is how i was always supposed to feel
that someone was savin' it for me
so i would appreciate it

i writhed for explanations alone in my bedroom
i sat in disbelief convinced that it was all going to shit
i had fake people to help me
they sad

wait for it you'll feel better

i feel good in this room with you (and you)
and of course you