i fell in love by accident

by adult mom

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Flansy Daniel
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Flansy Daniel A very pleasant song to listen to when doing... Well... Whatever, really! In the car, at school, walking around, hanging with friends, and everything else in between! The whole album in itself gives a nice look into the mind of what someone at that sort of young age is thinking about... Favorite track: dancer feet.
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asdf She's really, really, really good.

She's best when she's just doing solo acoustic lo-fi but I guess there's more sense of accomplishment in "branding" and getting radio play. Who am I to judge though right? It's her life. Favorite track: dancer feet.
Sebastian Langkilde
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Sebastian Langkilde Really beautiful music made at home. Gotta love it. Favorite track: what's another lipstick mark.
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recorded in about a two hour time span onto a sony cfm-10 1 track tape recorder with separately added digital vocals! written between may 2013-july 2013 about falling in love unexpectedly and being bored all summer.


released August 7, 2013



all rights reserved


adult mom Purchase, New York

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Track Name: what's another lipstick mark
success is finding a seat on a crowded subway
and not getting lipstick on my apple when i take a bite, say
i shouldn't beat myself up over some added red pigment, say
i shouldn't miss everyone as much as i do, and hey

i've been seein older versions of my friends in places today
but they're distant and further away
on crowded subways

my stomach feels sick when i think about the things i've messed up
it is exhausting to feel like you're bad at everything
what is success if you're just feelin' like it all sucks?

i guess i'll try again
try to find some meaning in this plan

i guess success is finding a seat on a crowded subway
so i'll wipe the lipstick off my apple and sit comfortably
Track Name: fiji
my boy smells like fiji
my boy kisses me easy
my boy wears tropical shirts
in the winter's cold breezy

my boy buys fake margaritas
and they're only 3 dollas
summertime in 20 degrees
westchester is the bahamas

and i'm not tryin to tease him
cuz these things make me really miss him
and i'd cry without this guy
i'd rather lose my right limb
Track Name: uncle lou
i don't know how to deal with death
it's always been the same since i was 10

cryin' at a hearse
cryin' 8 years later
it's always hittin' me when everyone's grief is over

i'd think the baseball blanket kept you warm at night
you didn't need the heat in 90 degrees of sunlight

cryin' at a hearse
cryin' 8 years later
it's always hittin' me when everyone's grief is over

you always said you were lucky
guess i'm lucky too
you were starrin' down at me
maybe you are now too
perched in a recliner chair
tellin' me that i was smart
tellin' me you'd see me later

but that really wasn't fair
Track Name: library
i'm not scared
just gimme a lift up there
you give me your hand
and send me over the bend
it's wet and damp
the snow meltin on our hands
on top of the library
i think you wanted to kiss me

i went to bed sad
thought it would never happen
when it did
thought that week would never end
on top of the library
you did not kiss me
i'm glad it took us less than a week
Track Name: theme song
i am everyone's mom
holding hands and cradling along
but moms wouldnt sit in their room all day
and wait for something to happen

hey ma get off your butt
and get a part time job
mom's wouldn't hide from their kids all day
and scribble in a song about doin so

i am everyone's mom
because i like the ring of it
but if i was really your mom
you'd be at CPS by now
Track Name: dancer feet
my feet are wet and soggy
i am on my way home
my toes are bruised and blistered
like that time i walked on my toes

my feet were crunched inside a wooden shoe
ballerina girl, you better not choose
to hang around the boys after school
go and do your turns like a good girl

my thumb is other people
it's different lookin' than my toe
my hands are better functioned
they can do more than just say no

dancer girl lay off the chips you fool
no one wants a tubby girl in a tutu
all the other dancers are gettin’ moved up
go on and work on your stretches mama’

my feet are wet and soggy
useless on the way home
Track Name: c train
i don't get out here often
i'm reminded how often i'm in
the two men talkin about business or whatever
the woman refusing the cookie i offered her
woulda been nice if she had one
woulda been a nice story to tell everyone
and suddenly i'm reminded
how lonely i am up here
Track Name: dam
sittin' by the dam
the water's loud and if we stand
at the right angle the mist
hits our faces, only in certain places

it's dark and i can only see you when
you're real close to me
we all laid on our backs
looked up and i sure felt blessed

the bridge was cold on our backs
but we laid their anyway
sayin' goodbye's such a wreck
coulda laid there for a day
if it meant not goin' away